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President's message

One of the most effective ways of accumulating wealth is through the use of leverage.
You’ve no doubt heard the term (OPM) Other People’s Money.
Real Estate Is the most effective form of leveraging since properties may be purchased with as little as 5% of your own money, with the balance being borrowed from a bank, for a mortgage.
Owning a property with a mortgage on it allows you to gain appreciation on the value of your money, as well as the larger amount of money you borrowed for the mortgage. –(leverage)
Most of your monthly earnings are likely spent on your home.
Most of your life’s earnings go into paying interest on mortgages and loans.
On retirement, most of your assets will probably be in real estate.
The money available to you at retirement is the difference between the value of your property(s) and the balance due on your mortgage(s). –(Equity)
The proper management of the mortgage interest is a major key In determining the amount of money you will have available, to keep you retired comfortably.


Your mortgage should be designed to suit your circumstances!!!