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Understanding Medical Insurance


Life is only predictable in that it is always unpredictable.


We are blessed to live in a country that values and ensures basic health coverage for all Canadians, yet there are many medical procedures that are not covered by our provincial plans.  Most plans do not cover prescriptions, or elective procedures, dental or alternative health.


We offer a variety of health insurance packages that give you the coverage you need.  And don’t forget to get extra insurance for when you leave the country for your dream vacation.


Consider for a moment what would happen to your families lifestyle if your were insured in an accident and unable to ever return to work.  Or if some disability limited your working capabilities.  Not only would your existing bills, (ie mortgage) still need to be paid plus a multitude of new bills that arise from you and your family trying to adapt to the new situation.  There is insurance available to help make the burden lighter.


Depending on your age, you might want to also consider your lifestyle for your senior days.  Nursing homes are expensive and most seniors cannot afford good quality care if they are only dependent on their pension.  Talk to us so we can show you the options available.


Not sure what kind of coverage you need in your situation – just give us a call.  We’ll be glad to help.