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CREDIT REPAIR … SPECIFIC RESULTS!!!   DO YOU NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT?   HOW MUCH DOES POOR CREDIT COST YOU IN MONEY AND AGGRAVATION?   How Credit Scores Work We depend on credit for so many important things in life -- whether it's for buying a car, house or computer or getting a student loan. A three-digit number -- your credit score -- can determine whether you can do these things and even how much it will cost you.  
  • How can a simple number determine whether you can buy a house or car? Your credit report contains a history of how you've paid your bills, how much open credit you have, and anything else that would affect your creditworthiness. Your credit score boils down all of that information to a three-digit number. Using the credit score, lenders can predict with some accuracy how likely you are to repay a loan and make payments on time. It's how electronics and department stores can offer instant credit.
  This incredibly important number, which affects how much you pay for credit, insurance and other life necessities, used to be hidden from consumers. Until recently, only lenders and other businesses that used the score could access it. Fair Isaac and Company, which developed the score, felt that the score would only confuse consumers since there was nothing to tell them what it meant or what lenders were looking for.   In 2001, however, all of this changed due to pressure from the U.S. Congress and industry and consumer groups. Now you can view your credit score -- for a fee -- from credit reporting agencies and credit monitoring services.   Increasing your credit score, means that you will reduce your interest rate and overall cost for most everything. More credit availability and lower interest rates on credit cards and loans will positively affect your standard of living.   We at Fairchoice are dedicated to improving the quality of your financial life and we use the latest technology to affect your results dramatically.   What if we can tell you exactly what your beacon score will be in 90 days?    What if you can get a written report specifying the actions needed and the resulting credit score in 90 days?    Let us take away the guess work from your credit record.

Your credit score should reflect your financial savvy